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Resume of Garold L. Johnson

More than 35 years experience in software engineering and development covering all phases of the software lifecycle from requirements elicitation and analysis, through design, development and deployment.

Proficient in numerous high level languages including C/C++, Perl, REBOL, Advanced Revelation, and SQL for the major relational databases.

Currently researching design and implementation of interactive web technologies for collaboration on the web using REBOL and Perl.

Studying Extreme Programming as a process for rapid development of quality software with small teams.

Built several websites to reflect family and personal interests. (2000)

Requirements analysis, design, and prototyping for a web-based collaboration system using SQL Server. (Webflow, 1997)

Experience with a wide range of Operating systems including MS Windows95/98/NT, DOS, Unix, Vax VMS

Background in software engineering process. Developed and helped implement software development processes for Motorola's Iridium project (Abacus, 1995-1997).

Developed tools in AWK, Perl and Unix shell to support automated tracking of documentation for compliance to the Capability Maturity Model. Built tools to extract information from FrameMaker documents.

Extensive experience in developing information processing systems both using advanced database systems and from scratch. Developed tools for conversion of Advanced Revelation databases to Peoplesoft. (Improvisations, 1998 - 2000)

Windows/Oracle client/server application in C language to track shuttle engineering changes and approval process (Abacus, 1991). This system involved more than 40 tables and procedures for updating multiple remote sites.

Database design (SQL Server 6.5), requirements analysis, design for a web-based collaboration system. (Webflow, 1997)

Developed Windows/Sybase client/server application for tracking engineering estimate process and creating cost summaries. Developed compiler and interactive Windows editor using C for screen/database description language. (Pande, 1991)

Developed extensive reporting programs in C to produce reports from the database to meet government standards for the failure mode reports. Rocketdyne Division of Rockwell International. (Abacus, 1989)

Developed software specification and design documents for a major new commercial product. Commended by management for writing which was clear and understandable to executives, marketing personnel and the technical staff. (Context Management, 1984)

Managed 20-25 people in multiple development teams in a distributed, virtual environment where all team members telecommuted. Developed innovative management procedures to deal with this unique environment. Designed architecture for communication between a word processor, spreadsheet, database, extended directory/filing system and other components of the VALDOCS (VALuable DOCuments) integrated software package for the Epson QX-10. (Rising Star, 1981-1984)


Wide variety of systems on mini and microcomputers
Business and aerospace applications
Advanced information management systems
Hypertext and Hypermedia
Rapid Prototyping
Software development process development, standards, and training
Internet / Intranet application development
Technical Project Management, Management of virtual teams
System philosophy, architecture, and systems design
Requirements analysis, derivation, and traceability
Implementation, documentation, and maintenance


Rapid grasp of new problem domains, information, and tools
Correct evaluation of importances and balance of priorities
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Communicate with technical and non-technical personnel
Accurately convey abstract and detailed multi-disciplinary concepts


Experienced in all phases of the software Product Life Cycle.
Management, coordination and integration of development teams.
Design and implementation of software development processes
Design, implementation, and coordination of virtual teams.
Teaching skills include curriculum and materials design.


Airborne LASER Experiment
National Test Bed proposal
Space Station avionics proposal
Space Station mission requirements
Failure Mode Effects Analyses (FMEAs) for Shuttle main engines


Degree in Science Engineering from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, with emphasis in applied mathematics and computers. This unique work-study program was designed specifically to train "Generalists": engineers with an ability to understand, communicate, and coordinate diverse engineering disciplines.


Technology Roadmap award (Iridium)
PC Magazine Best of 89 award
Commended for clarity of requirements document
Rising Star Vice President for Applications
Expansion Techniques Vice President
Eagle Scout
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