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Software Development

Sharing our ideas and interests with the World.

Software Development

Software development is what I do for a living, and a major passion in my life.

More properly, software engineering. Unfortunately this term has come to mean a lot of things besides engineering (designing) software.

Here are white papers and discussion boards on many aspects of engineering / developing / hacking software.


Every person has a philosophy -- it is only that most don't know that they have one or what it is. Knowing what you believe and why is important in life, and here is where we capture at least some of ours.


Books are one of the most important aspects of our lives. Language is one of the things that makes us human.

Here we discuss books that have made an impact on our lives. Some of these are no longer in print. We provide links where you can buy the ones we have been able to find.

Celebrations to Keep

How to capture photographic memories at family reunions, gatherings, and celebrations. Covers topics ranging from how to plan to capture photos, to organizing  and sharing them. The emphasis is on computer processing of images.

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